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Cynathan's is a colaboration between Cybump and Nathan's
Our goal is simple, make the top of the line free to use discord bots. To support us with cost we suggested that you donated to us, this isn't a requirement but it's help us a ton!

Cybump is hosted on Vultr, US New Jersey
Nathan's is hosted on Vultr, US New Jersey

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Features you get for using our bot
  • Great hardware

    Our bots are equipped with robust hardware, to make sure you have the best expirience ever!

  • All Features

    CyNathan's have great features and 97% uptime!

  • Great 24/7 support team

    Our team will assist you if you have any questions or concerns 24/7.


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Description

Here we will list all the most common questions we have recieved. If you have any questions that are not on here please join our Support Server or Contact us at [email protected]!

Email: [email protected]
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First Common Question

Are these bots safe to use?

Cybump and Nathan's are 100% safe to use and will not harm your server!

Second Question

Why does some of the commands take a couple seconds to process?

The reason commands may take some time to process is because some commands have to go searching for answers etc.

Third Question

How can I help with Cynathans?

You can help cynathans in many ways such as helping us as the support team, or helping us with some code!

Fourth Question Asked

Are any Cynathan Bots open-source.

Is any Cynathan Bots open-source.

At the moment none of our bots are open-source!

Fifth Question

How can I get in contact with CyNathan's?

You can get in contact with us by joining our support server or emailing us!

Sixth Question

What's the music bot supported platfrom

at this moment, we use soundcloud and youtube for our music bot. Altho we planned to add spotify in the future